Aerosculpture: Anchovies over Ljubljanica
The French collective Aerosculpture is led by Caroline Frimat and Jean-Pierre David; they both advocate the use of aerofeather - a newly invented machine that enables people to take off by flapping the wings. This time, fish will take a flight over Ljubljanica.

They float a few meters above the water level and they seem like they escaped from there. They play with thousands of water reflections on their silver scales and offer their own images of the world; they play with sunbeams and with a wink remind us of the fact that the ocean used to be everywhere. A myriad of faces on the water surface show the unreal image, on which the sea turned to sky. Must one stand on one's head to reverse the scene?

The installation was also featured on Fete des Lumières festival in Lyon in 2007.
Co-organizer: The Charles Nodier institute




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Svetlobna gverila - Repeticija / Lighting guerrilla - Repetition

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