Lighting guerrila

Lighting Guerrilla,
a continuation of the last year's Detektivi svetlobe (Lighting Detectives) festival has ambition to become annual event. This year's theme is repetition. Lighting Guerrilla: Repetition is a part of the French-Slovene Spring Festival.

Lighting Guerrilla's focus are artistic lighting installations inside and outside the galleries. This year's two week event Lighting Guerrilla: Repetition features works of international artists, exhibited in Ljubljana and Kranj. Aleksandra Stratimirović Daggfeldt (SE/SRB), Alessandro Lupi (IT), Marjeta Zupančič, Saša Kerkoš, Matej Lavrenčič and Andrej Štular (SI) contributed their new installations, made exclusively for the festival, whereas Papelito Theatre contributed a new performance.

An important part of the Lighting Guerilla: Repetition festival are also lectures that will introduce all the participants as well as the Superflux festival from Lyon. We're happy to say we are hosting not only the founder and the organizers of the Superflux festival, but also one of their contributors and his work, made exclusively for the Superflux festival: Factory Exit by Jean-Charles Paumier. In the years ahead, we plan to present interesting authors, their works and other festivals of light in Europe to Slovenian public.

The accompanying program of this year's guerilla is a new play by the Papelito theatre, based in Slovenia and Italy. In the play, Papelito theatre explores creative possibilities of playing with different light sources.

The events are concentrated in the Vžigalica gallery - a gallery of City Museum of Ljubljana and surrounding areas. The program expanded from Ljubljana to Kranj, where the Lighting Detectives and World Lighting Journey will be exhibited, of last year's Lighting Detectives festival in Ljubljana.




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Svetlobna gverila - Repeticija / Lighting guerrilla - Repetition

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