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The purpose of the lectures is not to address only professionals and artists, but everybody interested in creativity and lighting as well. Their aim each year is to expose individual views of creativity, exploration, to present individual authors and their experience, festivals and their specifics. An informal debate is encouraged; the evening will be concluded by the play Luminosa.
Art of Light - Art of Night - Superflux festival
Roxana Ploestean introduces the SUPERFLUX Festival by the Roger Tator Gallery from Lyon and its integration in the gallery and broader social environment. Artistic light festival SUPERFLUX takes place in Lyon since 1999, as a part of the notorious Lyon’s festival of light Fete des Lumières. Our guests are the founders of the gallery, designers Eric Deboos and Laurent Lucas.
The Roger Tator Gallery created in 1994 by Eric Deboos and Laurent Lucas (designers) is an experimental place at the crossroad of different artistic expressions, design, contemporary art, proposing a transversal point of view of every project. In this respect, each exhibition presents original works adapted to the space of the gallery.
Since 1999, SUPERFLUX presents artistic works in the urban space, using lightning as expression, in order to confront them with more visitors and inhabitants.
Every year during three nights in December, at the occasion of the Fête des Lumières (the 8th of December), more than forty artists, representing different fields of expression: design, video, architecture and landscape architecture, graphics or photography, are invited to invest  the streets of the 7th district of the city of Lyon, in the neighborhood of the Roger Tator Gallery. The works are exposed in more than 30 different places: artists’ workshops, store windows, design and architecture offices, restaurants, pharmacies, travel agencies…
Light, place and social construction - presentation of Jean-Charles Paumier’s work
The presentation will be made by Thierry Boutonnier, artist himself and collaborator of Jean-Charles Paumier.
Fluorescent Densities - Alessandro Lupi reveals his views and experience of light exploration and its appearance.
Architectural lighting and inspiration from nature by Marjeta Zupančič - "As most of creatures on Earth, man too had been growing under the light of the Sun for millennia. But this did not only influence the development of eyes, other main senses were affected as well, e.g. fear of the dark, good mood in sunny weather and season depressions (common in Nordic countries where darkness reigns for longer periods of time) The biological fact is that natural lighting circumstances are of grave importance for man. The ever changing nature itself, is of course an endless source of inspiration. Scenes exchange from dusk till dawn, even when the Moon revolves and reflects the light of the Sun towards Earth. Each day is different and each moment is a unique, non-recurring composition of light and shadow."
All short lectures in English; Alessandro Lupi's lecture in Italian with simultaneous English translation.




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Svetlobna gverila - Repeticija / Lighting guerrilla - Repetition

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