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Papelito: Luminosa

The basis of the play is exploration of the creativity of shadow theatre, accompanied by video animation; a multi-media play of shadows and light; a mixture of projected film animation and live animated shadow puppets. In dramaturgical sense, the play is based as a colorful mosaic of short scenes, backed by rhythmical music score; as for the content, the play is a dance of light adventures and metamorphoses of the fantasy creature Luminosa.

Author Brane Solce, lately performing under name Papelito, is master of scissors, paper and paste. As an independent puppeteer he created over 20 performances since 1982 with his theatre Papilu; he was hosted all over Europe, Japan and Israel. Brane's creative platform is paper which offers countless possibilities of shaping and re-shaping. A distinctive virtual language of metaphors and symbols is connected to music and sounds - narrated without words, as a kind of animated paper children's book. Besides his paper plays, Brane created 10 television cartoons Miška smetiška, as well as animations for the TV show Čez planke and mentored numerous workshops. His activities also include shadow theatre.




Strip Core

Svetlobna gverila - Repeticija / Lighting guerrilla - Repetition

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strip core