Matej Lavrencic Matej Lavrenčič: GEESE

Like every spring the Canada Geese (Branta canadensis) have been returning to their old nesting places in the north. Whilst flying over Ljubljana they were attracted by the light of the Lighting Guerilla. As they were descending to see what the fuss was about, they circled over the City Museum and noticed one of the windows was open. They flew into a bright room, to get some rest from the long flight; they started to waddle around the building and looking at the curiosities. Once they started feeling at home, a horrified cleaning lady discovered them and chased them out of the museum. The surprised geese could not grasp what the fuss was all about, as they were behaving quite presentably. They made a camp in a nearby tree top and had been there since then - still waiting for another opportunity to visit the Museum. They didn't quite have the chance to see everything.

Matej Lavrenčič (1980, Ljubljana) graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. He creates animations and illustrations and occasionally comics. The Stripburger magazine had published his first comic album Male črne skrbi (Little Black Worries). Animation Patty, kratki film v perverzih (Patty: A Short Film in Perverses) shot in collaboration with Roman Ražman, won Award for best animated film in Milano film festival last year.



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Svetlobna gverila - Repeticija / Lighting guerrilla - Repetition

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