Sasa Kerkos
Saša Kerkoš: Who needs ...

"By using concise slogans author's sub-project Who needs ... emphasizes themes that are seemingly not problematic, but are losing their value that they have in public, due to increased media manipulation. At the same time, the project negates themes that are obviously acceptable." (SK)

The theme of Lighting Guerilla, Repetition, is hidden in constantly repeating slogans Who needs ... , printed on bilingual light boards that mainly serve as the platform for advertisements; in this case they are used as a form of repetition that offers no single explanations. There's as many explanations, as there is viewers or interviewees. The seemingly simple repeating questions open a field of different interpretations, ponderings and answers.

Saša Kerkoš (1977, Ljubljana) is a versatile artist and mentor of various workshops. She has received many awards and has participated in solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad. She is the concept founder and organizer of the first Biennial of the independent illustrators in Slovenia, held in Ljubljana last year.




Strip Core

Svetlobna gverila - Repeticija / Lighting guerrilla - Repetition

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