Buro Destruct: Dark Room

Buro Destruct: Dark Room

In a black-colored exhibition space, there are white shapes shining on an electric paper, showing their genuine image in a black room. They appear only briefly, but brightly; they resemble a lightning as they vanish spontaneously. What remains is but a memory of a form that is being recycled by our brain and reanimated as a personal variant of the original form.

In a "graphical dark room" works reduced to their formal core are being carved into the retinas of the spectators. For a moment, the visitors develop a graphical echo in their minds - just as a photograph is developed in a dark room. That way a truly personal experience is created out of genuinely objective forms.

Dark Room shows us the "beauty of form" that is a key element of all the disciplines of design and is interwoven in a primordial collage as a charming experience of a graphical big bang and its echo.

The design studio Büro Destruct was founded in 1994 in the Swiss capital of Bern by Lopetz, HeiWid, MBrunner and H1reber. Their motto is “Small city – big design”; their everyday’s work includes designing for small and large local and international companies. Their products include signs, illustrations, book wraps and book design, record covers, posters, flyers, corporate identity. They specialize in typography. As individuals, they perform as VJ’s on various musical events. In The Dark Room they recycled some of their creations.

Open until June 28th 2009; the Cabinet open from Tuesday – Sunday from 12:00 till 20:00.




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