The Land of Eden
The Land of Eden
The Land of Eden, created in April workshop in MGLC (International Centre of Graphic Arts) under supervision of Marko A. Kovačič, is hidden in the lapidary of the Festival Ljubljana and is a result of transforming the thrown away objects (donated by the company Dinos) into lighting objects.
Kaja Avberšek is a student of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana and creates illustrations, comics, graphic design, puppet design and scenography and also teaches Portuguese.
Petra Horvatin is finishing studies of landscape architecture and is a member of Slovene writer’s Youth Club. She regularly performs at poetry recitals and her first poetry book is to be released in a short while. She is also writing about culture, making documentaries, graphical design and scenography.
Jelena Dragutinović is finishing her studies in Philosophy and writing her diploma about esthetics. Lately, she’s been designing scenography  (the Rdeče Zore festival), and conceiving multiple projects that deal with recycling.
Lina Kores is a student of the Academy of Design in Ljubljana. Her participation in The Land of Eden  is her debut appearance.
Anja Masterl is finishing her medical care studies and joined the workshop for the challenge of giving the abandoned objects a new function and thus revives their functionality.
Open until July 18th, 2009




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