Maro Avrabou, Dimitri Xenakis: The Greenhouse Effect

Maro Avrabou & Dimitri Xanakis: Greenhouse Effect

"The car has become an indispensable part of everyday’s life, be it urban or rural. It’s a small, closed universe, whose interior is always moving and who produces several infections. On the radio we hear news about alarming heat waves and the green house effect, followed by a commercial for air conditioning devices for cars. Nobody seems to make a connection. The solution to the problem is a reconstruction, recycling of the object: the car, the cause of the effect is being transformed into a solution: the greenhouse.”

The Greenhouse Effect was created in 2005 for the Lyon-based Superflux festival; its expanded version was exhibited in 2007 on the Nuit Blanche performance in Paris.

Maro Avrabou is a lighting designer, working for different theatrical, dance and opera performances. As a visual artist, she participates along with Dimitri at numerous projects that explore the relation to life, different positions, forms and light.  

Dimitri Xenakis is a sculptor, artist and a curator of the site-specific projects. Among the results of their cooperation is a water garden, set on the international festival in Chamount in 2006 and an installation on the Geneva festival Arbres er Lumieres / Trees and Light, in which a whole island was incorporated. Their field of creating exceeds the generally accepted classification of artistic installation and objects, for it aims to discovering and exploring new fields of expression. In their projects, they discuss the urban and rural landscapes.

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