MARKO A. KOVACIC: Trapollo HH 34
MARKO A. KOVACIC: Trapollo HH 34
As an archaeologist of the modern, Marko A. Kovačič is systematically researching individual parts of the city and garbage, trying to find the answer to the question, why so many objects end up on the street or in garbage bin in the modern consumer society.
The recycled lighting installation Trapollo HH 34 was conceived as a puzzle of different materials and objects, composed through light into a new artistic and usable object.  The steel construction provides a cradle for independent light emitting bodies, whereas the moving parts provide for a transformation of this material light and colorful mass into a dynamic installation that completes a moving space. This space in motion shakes the foundations of the perception and the installation transforms into a contraption that produces new scenes over and over again, right in front of the spectator’s eyes.
Trapollo HH 34 is tightly connected to Kovačič’s artistic manner, perhaps the most so with the projects like Civilizacija Plastosov (The Civilization of the Plastos), Izgubljeni Horizont (The Lost Horizon), Ljubeči pogled (The Loving Look), Javka pri Rdeči Zvezdi. At the same time, the artist is always exploring and using the light.
Marko A. Kovačič is an academy graduated painter, who creates works in the fields of performance, sculpting, installation, video, music, film and theatre, as an independent poli-media and interdisciplinary artist. He is a founding member of the Ane Monro theatre (1981-1991), the group R IRWIN S (1983-1985) and the Zlati Kastrioti group (since 2000). In 1987 he received the Zlata Ptica award and the Župančič award in 1994; his Civilizacija Plastosov was proclaimed the work of the month by the ICAN (International Contemporary Art Network), based in Amsterdam in February 2003.




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