You’ll get the chance to get to know the two festivals of lighting, each with its unique conceptual and social conditions; you’ll also learn about three artists. Get to know the creators of the festivals and artistic projects in a conversation that will last until the start of the show Around the World.
Veronika Valk: Valgusfestival, the lighting festival in Talin, Estonia
The main issue of the Valgusfestival (which takes place in winter months when the nocturnal part of the day lasts up to 16 hours) is to create an urban event, linked with architecture, design and art, here and now. It features a series of urban installations, experiments with the topic of local climate, lighting and cultural conditions. The aim of these ‘instant’ events is to encourage a wide debate that would also include the representatives of public governance; the purpose of the festivals is to create a vigorous city life in that cold and dark time of the year.
Aleksandra Stratimirović: The Belgrade of Light festival, Belgrade, Serbia
The Beograd Svetlosti festival is a unique cultural event, dedicated to the culture of lighting. It is an option and a declaration of a new, undiscovered solution of the development and potential of the city and society. Since its very beginnings, the festival opens up the discussion about light identity of the city; about preserving the cultural, architectural, urban, social values; about a sensible approach to lighting as well as development and promotion of a lasting quality domestic design.
Both festivals are, like the Lighting Guerrilla, members of the INFL, an informal international network of lighting festivals.
Three artists will present their artistic opus, relation to light and recycling: Marko A. Kovačič will talk about his work in the field of Plastos research and present his recent discoveries. A talk with Serbian artist Marko Crnobrnja and young Slovene artist Aleš Presetnik, winners of this year’s Re:Light! Competition will follow. 



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