Light Boxes
Light Boxes

Among the festival curiosities there’s a children workshop devoted to exploring lighting effects and re-using found materials to form new objects.
Under the supervision of the multi-media artist Andrej Štular and puppet animator Petra Stare the participants will try to create light boxes out of simple lights. Light signs are often associated with commercial messages, but this time, the results will be fun light boxes with original (children’s) stories. For a magical and personal impression, simple lights, made from all kinds of objects and materials will be used.
A two days, free workshop is intended for children ages 5 and up.
The results of the workshop will be presented in the program of the Lighting Guerrilla festival in the Glavni trg square in Kranj; in case of rain the presentation will be held in the atrium of the OKC Krice Krace.
Info and registration:
Andrej Štular, e.:,  t: 031 599921



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