Lighting prints of space
Lighting prints of space
The aim of the workshop, held on June on the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, is to create a “print” of light in extremely sensitive architectural surroundings of the Križanke monastery. A set up of lighting installations (the so-called negative shadow) will serve as a temporary nocturnal pendant to the light filled ambient of the daytime. The installation will be created by students, participants of the workshop, led by
doc. dr. Tomaž Novljan.
Doc. Dr. Tomaž Novljan, BA in Architecture, explores the field of lighting and humanization of the ambient in aggressive environments. Since 2003 he lectures a course Light and lighting of space and Projecting and Composition in the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. He mentors student workshops and diplomas and also works as a consulter in the field of lighting; he is a frequent consultant in domestic and international specialists’ boards and also a contributor to Slovenian and international specialist press. In the years 2006-2008 he was a guest lecturer in Escola Tecnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona, where he held a course in alternative use of light and color in underground environments and urban lighting elements.

The installation Lighting prints of space is also a part of the Ilirske Province program.
Open until June 28th, 2009




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