Natan’s paintings and objects are a combination of wasted materials, both plastic and natural, and classical painting techniques, like acrylics. The little lights are also a complex universe of different lighting materials, for which we’d never thought they would be a part of original, modern lights. Modernity is the main theme of Nathan’s creativity. Although he uses the wasted objects (his own garbage, too), his works radiate freshness and playfulness. With the Illuminator one could spend exciting days and nights, fighting the evil forces of the modern world, and the Magic Ball could be used to play soccer for the whole afternoon. The important aspects of Natan’s lights, created for this exhibition, are diversity in form as well as structure of the objects and the flexibility.

Natan graduated from Visual Communications at the Academy of Visual Arts and Design in Ljubljana, specializing in illustration at the Academy of Arts in Budapest. He is a visual artist, known to younger generation mostly by the design of the Od Žmauca sosed pa ud brata prjatu café. Among his better know works there are artwork for the Cockta soft drink brand, covers of the Mladina magazine, icons for the internet portal Planet, by the Mobitel company, and many other commercial projects. His solo and group exhibitions can be seen in Slovenia and abroad in different spaces – from selling galleries to trade chambers.



Strip Core