LG Nebo. Aroudn the World
LG Nebo: Around the world
The puppet performance is based on a story about a boy and his exploring of the world around him. As any child, he too is attracted by the things, he knows nothing about. Every night he is asking the same question, just before he goes to sleep: Where did the sun go? With the help of his favorite toy he embarks on an exciting journey to the world of children’s imagination. Along with him, we discover foreign lands, their peculiarities, sounds, light and shadows. A vibrant and colorful world of various events and characters unfolds in front of our eyes.
Andrej Štular, a multi-media artist, creates as an illustrator, painter, sculptor, comic artist, photographer and movie maker, puppet designer and puppet animator. His works from the field of visual arts are mostly based on recycling of the found objects and combining different visual media, and creating new contents by the shifting of meanings. His solo works include: comic album Lustri, artistic catalogue Smeti: Izbor, a collection of short comics Kopost. He also participates in the festival with his lights in the Re:Light! Shop.
The Nebo puppet theatre preserves the classical puppeteering techniques and at the same time tries to incorporate other artistic media in them (like film, photography, comics). Among the awards received are: To je Ernest . awarded for the artistic design in 4th biennale of Puppet creators establishment, Koper; The children’s jury award in the PLP festival in Maribor; the award for the original idea in Lutfest festival in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Take Ljudske – nomination for the best performance in the Adelaide Fringe festival in Adelaide, Australia.
CREATORS of the show: Andrej Andrej Štular (direction, art design), Petra Stare (dramaturgy), Jazoo/Katja Stare, Tomaž Pačnik (music), Maja Peterlin (costumes), Forum Ljubljana, KD Nebo (production), LG Nebo (execution).
For ages 3 and above.
June 28th 2009, 21:15
Izbruhov kulturni bazen, Kranj



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