Mats Lindstrom & Anna Koch: One / Scratch Memory
Mats Lindstrom & Anna Koch: One / Scratch Memory

The piece One was made as a commission from the Museum of Modern Arts in Stockholm. Under the title One (for David Tudor) it premiered on the international symposium about the art of Robert Rauschenberg in 2007. One is an attempt of reconstruction of Tudor’s legendary work Fluorescent Sound, performed in the same museum in 1964, or a part of its lighting, a system of fluorescent lights, to be exact. On the premiere night, neon lights from abandoned computer room EMS, where one of the most powerful music computers once stood, were used.
Scratch Memory is a collection of recycled memories, artifacts and moves, torn out of their original contexts. It is a rediscovery of moving material and reexamining of its original value.
Mats Lindström is a musician and composer specialized in electronic music, to which he adds intermedial, theatrical and visual interventions. Since 2004 he is the art director of the EMS institute (institute of Electro-acoustic music of Sweden).
Anna Koch is a dancer and a choreographer, who acts in fields of theatre and electronic music; she creates a whole line of experimental choreographies and performances, set in different contexts. Since 2006, she is the art director of the experimental platform Weld   in Stockholm.
A day after perfomance disccussion with artistgs will take place.

Thur., June 18th 2009 at 18.00, Škuc gallery
Mats Lindström & Anna Koch - discussion led by Miha Ciglar (IRZU)




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