www.ziziyoyo.com: Pattern
www.ziziyoyo.com: Pattern

The world of patterns is an endless, perfect world with exciting laws. For every new project, the designer creates a new pattern: he creates a balance and order between the elements, and sets them on the specific location, based on their structure that often can be comprehended by him alone. In a sense, it is like
reduction in mathematics, where minimalising takes place until all we are left with are primary numbers.
Forcycling (or 'nucycling', formerly known as 'recycling') of patterns is an installation that relies on ancient Estonian mitten patterns, used on contemporary materials. It reutilizes old handicraft techniques, emphasizing the cycles of nature and life: old is new. Our great grandmothers' pattern is today not only a mitten pattern of a tiny locality, but cross-culturally appealing and visually binding.
Katri Kikkas (www.ziziyoyo.com) is a graphic designer: a (re)searcher of moments, anobserver looking for her own patterns and phenomena, to embroider in her works of art, bit by bit in every piece. Smile of a passerby, elephant shaped puddle on the curb, glittering wall, people rushing by, a balloon, reflecting windows, sidewalk covered in weed: inspiration found in life.



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