The newspaper Delo and Lighting Guerilla are calling for submissions of your photos with comments addressing the issues of light, façades, and parks. Submit your photos to The deadline is 23rd May 2010.

Is your street is too dark or over-lighted? Are the façades of the city boring, worn out or should some of them be set as a good example? Does your city boast any kind of particularity you want to share with the public? Are your parks the source of unforgettable plays of your children, do they provide a good place for you to catch a breather after a hard day's work? Are the playground objects original and of the proper quality? Or are they merely a bad excuse for a playground? Is the park properly lit for evening walks?

The selection of your submissions will be published on; the most interesting shots will be published in Delo's cultural pages between May 25th and June 12th.




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