Kaja Avbersek:
Aleksandra Stratimriovic: Kind Spirits

The parking garages are usually dull objects that grab no attention. But the ParkiRaj garage on Trdinova street with its round windows is quite interesting, and not just architecturally.

What is actually going on behind the windows of this parking garage, built under otherwise lively apartment building?! The residents' favorite past time seems to be leaning on windows and watching the passersby; or melancholically staring in front of them, smoking and thinking about life. Or hanging the laundry, dropping paper airplanes, watering flowers, kissing... Some windows have pulled curtains, jalousies, some have lights constantly turned on, and some apartments are empty. Why should we be observing only the neighbors every day? Let's stalk the dwellers of ParkiRaj and inform our friends about the happenings in as yet unknown apartment building.


Kaja Avberšek is a comic creator, illustrator, and designer. She is finishing her post-graduate studies at Ljubljana's Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO). Her diploma, titled Zapiski in zariski z Azorskih otokov (Notes and Drawings from Azores Islands), won her Prešeren's student award in 2006. Also in 2006, the Portuguese publisher Texto Editores published the work in a book. She received some other recognition and awards, like the ALUO special achievements acknowledgement and an award for the Slovenski klasiki v stripu cover design on the 4th Biennal of Slovene Visual Communications. She collaborated with the Portuguese puppet theatre Lua Cheia - teatro para todos as the author of their visual design. She also collaborated with Peter Kus in the performance Izgubljeni ton (The Lost Tone) and the Evfonija - Pojoči grad (Evfonija  - The Singing Castle) exhibition. Kaja is a member of the Stripburger editorial board, a comic magazine where she regularly publishes her works.




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