Katja Lavrisa:
                In the shade of an umbrella
Katja Lavrisa: In the sahde of an

The most common source of light pollution is the unshaded street lamps. The umbrella is a thin membrane that prevents the light of the sun to reach the ground in the daytime and it prevents the light of the lamp to escape into the night sky. The play of light and shade, created with a promenade of umbrellas, is reflected on the façades of the terrace houses.


Katja Lavriša (1981) graduated from Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. As an independent architect, she is taking part in various projects and competitions. She is particularly interested in researching the architecture of the developing world, as she participated in projects based in Congo, Kenya, and Uganda. Highlights: Prešeren award for architecture 2007 (Missionary center, Congo), the Golden Pencil Award 2008 (Hotel Palace, Portorož), participation in national theme exhibition JSKD 2010 - Collage.





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