Festivals of light

Festivals of light

International Network of Festivals of Light

In the recent years “Festivals of Light” emerged around the world spreading interests, values and knowledge of the community of expertise dedicated to light and lighting. The rising number of events allocates that the reflected use of light has become a visual seismograph of urban qualities. In their divergent formats they are focusing on lighting technologies and light-based media technologies. Along with museums and galleries they generate a public audience with their virtue to touch and to teach qualities of light. As part of cultural production they refer to time, space and light as much as to form, content and means. Festivals of light situate artistic positions in public environment which can be read as proposals how to see things and how to handle space. As a movement they occur as a public forum of social encounter, knowledge-transfer and public opinion-formation.

List of festivals and exhibition spaces focusing on light as a material or media:

Arbres et Lumières Geneva
Belgrade of Light
Beneflux Brussels
Berchinale Berching
Centrum Kunstlicht in de Kunst http://www.kunstlichtkunst.nl
Fête des Lumières
Fiabesque Peccioli
GLOW Eindhoven
Internationales Lichtkunstzentrum Unna
Lichtsicht-Biennale Bad Rothenfelde
LichtRouten Lüdenscheid
Lichttage Winterthur
Lichtwochen Essen
Luci d’Artista Torino
Luminale Frankfurt
Luzboa Lisbon  http://www.luzboa.com
LYZLYD Kopenhagen
Montréal en Lumières
Parcours Lumière Liège
Polderlicht Amsterdam
Radiance Glasgow http://www.glasgowswinterfestivals.com/glasgow-radiance-festival.html
Smart Light Sydney
Superflux Lyon http://www.superflux.org
Svetlobna Gverila Ljubljana
Switched on London http://www.switchedonlondon.com
Valgusfestival Tallinn
Valon Voimat Helsinki

Svetlobna gverila / Lighting Guerrilla
Svetlobna gverila 2012