Magic forest


result of the workshop // Botanical garden // 23. 5. – 4. 6.

OPENING: Monday, 23rd May, at 21.30


The 8th edition of the Bobri festival this year in January included a workshop for children who designed elements of the forest (trees, bushes, animals) under the mentorship of the comics artist and illustrator David Krančan. A technician helped them to transfer their designs into the computer, so that they could use the laser cutter to cut out their designs from colored plexiglas. Then they electrified the elements under the supervision of electronics mentor Janez Cimerman. The resulting elements were then used to assemble an illuminated installation, programmed to show different images of the forest life, by turning individual elements on and off.


workshop participants: Jan Bavdek, Jaša Despotovič, Arne Furlan Štular, Kristjan Gradnik, Pia Kreže, Korina Lara Janez, Freja Mehle, Tilen Mehle, Jon Novak, Ruben Osojnik Jurečič, Val Satler and Lovro Smrekar.

mentors: David Krančan, Janez Cimerman and Tomo Per


production: RogLab Ljubljana, University of Ljubljana,
coproduction: Botanical garden,
thanx: MarkerLab Ljubljana


Borut Bučinel, choreographer, dancer, photographer and light designer Borut Bučinel will present his skills of lighting design again, this time in the Botanical garden. There he created a light path that illuminates the way between the installations for the night visitors of the garden, using a discreet and thought-out illumination of the pathways.

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