Janjić: Cyanosis

Kaja Janjić: Cyanosis


audio-visual motion performance // Park along Gradaščica creek in Trnovo // permanent installation
OPENING: Thursday, 17th June, at 22.00


Breathing is a reflex I practically don't think about. Breathing is innate, a biological necessity. If there is no breath, there is no life. Birth is not the beginning of life, but of independent breathing. Awareness of breathing gives sense to life. Lungs expand, I breathe air. Pleura lowers, ribs move apart. I am calm. /Kaja Janjić/


KAJA JANJIĆ is a contemporary dancer, choreographer and performer. She's interested in the synergies and intersections of movement, music, scenography, video and choreography in a contemporary dance theatre. She's finished dance studies at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. She collaborated with established Slovenian choreographers like Matjaž Farič, Rosana Hribar, Gregor Luštek, and directors Bojan Jablanovec, Ivana Djilas and Maruša Geymayer Oblak. Her works extends from dance, theatre and cabaret performances to kids shows.


Choreography, performance, video and scenography: Kaja Janjić

participants: Jernej Kapus, Sai Pan, Pair+, (music), Abrina Vidic (vocals, costume and scenography), Marko Lekić (overhead projector, illustration), Borut Cajnko (lighting), Andraž Čok Sorko (camera) in Svetlana Barbić (costume).




production: Dance Theatre Ljubljana / Ukrep festival


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