Esku: Evolution

NATAN ESKU: Evolution


multimedia ambiental installation // Vžigalica gallery // 16.5.-18.6.

OPENING: Monday, 16th May, at 21.30

Exhibited light bodies were, like the living nature, subjected to the process of evolution: some elements survived, while some others didn't. Thus they represent a living organism that constantly evolves, and with that keeps or does away with certain elements according to their function, adaptability and transparency. The main building block of these light bodies is throwaway plastics: the material that stems from dead remains of those animal species that were transformed into oil.

Light objects made of waste material have gained a life of their own in the years of exhibiting them. They change their shapes and functions through time, recycle themselves and enter cycles of re-usage, while some become kinetic. Each step of the evolution of these light bodies was presented on some former editions of the Lighting Guerrilla festival, but evolution is, of course, a neverending process. To be continued ... /Natan Esku/


NATAN ESKU (1973), after finishing the School of design and photography entered the Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana, where he studied visual communications. He specialized in illustration at the Academy in Budapest. Apart from painting, he also does photography, illustration and design. He lives in Ljubljana.


music ambient: Shatzi


coproduction: MGML

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