Guyot: 1000 lights

SOPHIE GUYOT: 1000 lights 


light installation // Botanical garden // 23. 5. – 4. 6.

OPENING: Monday, 23rd May, at 21.30


Sophie Guyot often addresses environmental themes, treated as metaphors for the general state of humanity. She regularly envisions huge spatial ambients that design-wise draw from nature and its habitats, but her frequent use of different industrial materials and artificial lighting introduces different semantic coordinates. Her projects, often monumentally big, thus recall a different perception of nature. The latter one in her work often receives a poetic and flawless substance that charms the spectator and enhances his awareness of the world around him. Her project, hosted in the Botanical garden, presents a sea of flowers, created from recycled plastics and fitted with LED lights, to create an illusion of a luminous meadow. The installation addresses the fragility of nature but at the same time her ability to recover and regenerate as well.


SOPHIE GUYOT obtained her Master's degree in art history, but then specialized in designing light objects and installations. She deals mainly with light, where she's interested mostly in its spatial manifestations. Recently she's focused mostly on monumental installations in the urban space, exploring the relation between man and the biotope. She also designed an internationally successful series of lights 'Lamp-roller', produced in Switzerland since 1999. Her light objects have been exhibited outdoors as well as in gallery spaces, and her works were included in many festivals and events. Occasionally she heads ecological workshops for the design of light objects and installations.



coproducer: Botanical Garden

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