Petrič & Shreyasi Kar: Sun as the ultimate
Špela Petrič & Shreyasi Kar: Sun as the ultimate capital
installation // Vžigalica gallery // 16. 5.–18. 6.

OPENING: Monday, 16th May, at 21.30

This project, employing techniques of photobiochemical printing of different images of banknotes onto plant leaves, faces us with the realization that money as a symbol for an economic system contemporarily exists also as a sign for 400 thousand plant species that, thanks to their metabolic networks, enable emergent phenomena characteristic for the human culture. All the production surpluses that make the evolution of the society possible are inextricably linked to 550 billion tons of biomass of green organisms that tirelessly convert photons into chemical fuel. The accumulation of capital thus relies more on the strategies of survival, developed during the plants' evolution in contact with the inexhaustible light of the Sun, than on the human workforce. /Špela Petrič/


dr. ŠPELA PETRIČ (1980), with a Bachelor in Biology and a Master in Arts, combines nature sciences, new media and performances in her artistic work. She's interested in all kinds of anthropocentrism, reconstruction and appropriation of scientific methodology in the context of society, living systems and artificial life. Her work is complemented by heading educational programs in the fields of natural sciences and arts, intended to inform and sensibilize the interested public, especially the young one.

SHREYASI KAR lives and work in Bangalore, India. At the moment she's a researcher at the (Art)ScienceBLR, a public laboratory which forms part of the Srishti Institute for arts, design and technology. Her works usually includes bio-electronics and DIY lab instruments, and apart from heading different workshops she also focuses on the creation in the fields of movies and photography.

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