MILTNEROVÁ IN JAN KOMÁREK: Tranzmutation

director, lights and sound: Jan Komárek

dance: Andrea Miltnerová

coproduction: Dance Theatre Ljubljana

Andrea Miltnerová in Jan Komárek: : Tranzmutation


dance performance // Dance Theatre Ljubljana //

ON: Tuesday, 7th June, at 21.00

We've had the chance to see the exceptional Czech dancer Andrea Miltnerova with her dance performance Dance of the magnetic ballerina live at the last year's edition of the festival. This year's show called Tranzmutation is also the result of a collaboration between Andrea Miltnerova and Jan Komárek, director and designer of light and sound. The Tranzmutation performance is a  thought-out blend of intense movements and minimalist light design that significantly co-creates the ambient and the atmosphere of the show. The movements are dramatic and elegant, the communication is merely a thing of the body. Two-parts performance gives the dancer the chance to abandon her usual self and allows the spectators to change their perception of the dancer. Thus the mood of the performance alternates between the mysteriousness of dreaming and the hopeless isolation in a dark room. The tension is sustained by a collage of distorted sounds that highlights selected moments. The stage direction is designed with the contrast between the visual efficiency of individual props and the simplicity of body movement lines in mind.


ANDREA MILTNEROVÁ is an English dancer and choreographer of Czech descent who at the moment lives and works in Prague. In the recent years, she's intensively dealt with baroque dances and their creative fusion with the contemporary dance, to reconstruct baroque operas and create original dance performances based on the exploration of movement and ethno-choreographic elements.

JAN KOMÁREK is a director, visual artists, photographer and light designer. He finished design studies in Prague and created works for the theatre. In 1983 he emigrated to France and two years later to Canada, where he established the Sound Image Theatre. He's created more than twenty visual poetic performances and received many prestigious awards in Canada for his work in directing, scenography, light design and music. In 2001 he returned to Prague where he lives and works today.

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