Vidic: Glassworks #1
URŠA VIDIC: Glassworks #1 
installation //
Vžigalica gallery // 16. 5.–18. 6.

OPENING: Monday, 16th May, at 21.30

The project Glassworks #1 is an artistic object, a showcase that embodies the idea of a sublime nature outside our cognitive limitations and of the wish to embrace it. Thus the work functions as an oxymoron, the nonsense of depicting the undepictable. The attempt to embrace and encompass the world, the nature in all its greatness and beauty, represents the paradox of the impossible. The artist with her romantic gesture thus attempts the alchemistic and philosophical search for the universal elixir. Chemical flasks, through which mists and air flow, allude to the utopian process of the search for the 'primal matter', the enigmatic substance that is said to be hiding in all of us as a dark spirit, a pure core hidden behind chaos and raw matter. /Urša Vidic/


URŠA VIDIC (1978) completed her postgraduate studies of painting at the Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana in 2008. Her work is characterized by a devotion to the theme of a landscape, used to raise questions of mapping the cultural space from colonialism to the postindustrial age of globalization. Especially her latest works are extremely subjective and portray her mindscapes, caught in technologically sophisticated showcases with their own generic system and atmosphere. As a visual artist, she's most fascinated by the re-creation of utopian and illusory spaces. She's produced many individual and group projects in Slovenia and abroad, while working as a scenographer as well. She lives and works in Ljubljana.


Contributors to the realization of this project: Zoran Srdić Janežič (planning and execution), Otto Urpelainen (automatisation) and Kristijan Tkalec (consultant).


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