Franc Solina & Enej Guček Puhar: Empathy

interactive light installation
Cankarjev dom platform // until 15. 6.
OPENING: Thursday, 16th May, at 21.30


Empathy is a trait that describes the ability to understand the Other as if we were them, some kind of crossing of emotional borders between humans. The interactive screening tries to visualize this kind of relations among humans by empathic people. The infrared camera detects human movement and uses software tools to transform it into humanlike silhouettes. If people within the range of the camera are touching each other and showing physical affection to each other, an interesting visual effect in the projection will appear that makes use the dynamics of coloured circles to symbolically represent empathy between people and the establishing of new friendly relationships.

FRANC SOLINA (Celje, 1955) is a professor of computer and information sciences at the Faculty of Computer and information science in Ljubljana and the Head of Computer Vision Laboratory that he founded in 1991. He graduated (1979) and post-graduated (1982) at the Faculty of Electric Engineering in Ljubljana, and got his PhD in computers in 1987 at the University of Pennsylvania (USA). His research work deals with interpretation of deep images, 3D modelling of shapes, panoramic pictures and use of computers in arts. ENEJ GUČEK PUHAR is a post-graduate student of computer and information sciences at the same Faculty who received the Faculty’s Prešeren Award for this graduation thesis.


Coproduction: Cankarjev dom