JAKA KOMAC: _podatkovnasenca

Jaka Komac: _datashadow

Jaka Komac: _datashadow
Trg Francoske revolucije (French Revolution Square), Ljubljana
23. May – 18. June 2022
light installation

Interactive visual project _datashadow addresses immense data tracks users are leaving behind, unintentionally and constantly, when they move around in virtual worlds. Visual representation of the project is based on the collection of data gathered using motion sensors, and simulates how short-lived the relevance of the data actually is before it gets lost in one massive, homogeneous totality. Publicly projecting a data collection on three-sided advertising boards raises the question of data privacy and safety in a digital environment, even though the projection is clearly, visually, detached from its data source. /Jaka Komac/

JAKA KOMAC studies Spatial Conceptualization at the Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) in Ljubljana. In his installations, set-designs, video and music he is devoted to researching current and potential social situations that arise when the worlds of virtual and physical reality collide. Since 2019 he collaborates with performative collective I Did What I Did (IDWID). Their first performance – a dance-movement piece, entitled Dimenzije stika (Dimensions of Contact) – was invited to Ukrep festival 2021 (Dance Theatre Ljubljana).

Sponsor: TAM-TAM, d. o. o.