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- pre-festival events of Svetlobna gverila
Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO), Ljubljana


.Thursday, 16. April 2015, at 19.00, Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana
Aleksandra Stratimirović & Sandra Praun: You Say Light, I Think Shadow
exhibition opening

.Thursday, 16. April 2015, at 20.00, park in front of Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana
Katja Paternoster: Night Visitors
opening of the exhibition of light objects

. Friday, 17. April 2015, at 18.00, Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana
Public discussion: Light and Darkness


. Sunday, 26. April 2015, at 11.00,
Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO), Ljubljana
- Guided tour of the exhibition
You Say Light, I Think Shadow, by doc. arh. Tomaž Novljan
- Sunday's Creative Workshop (until 12.30)

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Production: Strip Core/Forum Ljubljana & Muzej za arhitekturo in oblikovanje


Thursday, 16. April 2015, at 19.00 - exhibition opening
Friday, 17. April 2015, at 18.00 - panel discussion
Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO), Ljubljana

"Light and shadow are the truths of the world." It seems that the words of the young Japanese director and writer Momoko Ando in a felicitous way summarize the content od the book conceived by the lighting artist Aleksandra Stratimirović and the visual communication designer Sandra Praun. Their comprehensive monography titled You Say Light, I Think Shadow (Art and Theory Publishing, 2014) represents a collection of 109 contributions by many different artists who have all tried to answer the same simple, yet not an easy question as Momoko Ando did: What is light?

Light at first glance seems something completely ordinary and obvious, which is why it’s so hard to avoid the feeling that the questioning of its role and meaning too often remains on the margins of common attention. Still, this impression is far from the truth – the rich iconography of light and the universal significance of its expression bear witness to the unmistakable role of light in different fields of artistic activity. The proof to this lies in this book that consists of statements made by people of various artistic profiles. Their reflections that range from theoretical treatises to extremely poetic statements and self-expressive deliberations enable an understanding of light as a nearly autonomous medium of expression that significantly co-determines both the form and content of a many an artistic creation, be it photography, theatre, poetry, design and dance ...
Contemplating light in the field of art and culture we mustn’t overlook its utilitarian uses as well, which brings us to the challenges with regard to light in the terms of sustainable development. It must be noted here that the General Assembly of the UN declared the year 2015 as the year of light and lighting technologies with the intent to strengthen the global awareness of its many development potentials in the fields of the energy sector, education, telecommunica-tions, agriculture and medicine.

The exhibition in the MAO represents a unique transformation, we could say an upgrade as well, of the book that outgrew its reading format and occupied a bigger exhibition space. It is conceived as an eclectic B&W compilation of authors’ texts where its contents resonate with the minimalist design of individual pages. It boasts a plethora of typographic and design solutions, enriched by perforations and different textures of paper, which also inspired its exhibition installation, confronting the visitor with related dispositions of graphic and text elements. The exhibition is designed as a polysemantic ambient that offers many visual information to the visitor. The highlighted contrasting of the visual language of the installation thus reflects the content principles of the book, while introducing the visitor to the symbolic transitions between the world of light and the world of dark.


Until 31. May 2015.


A public discussion, moderated by Matevž Čelik, director of MAO, will be held on the premises of the MAO the day after the opening of the exhibition. In addition to the authors of the exhibition, many domestic participants from different fields of professional engagement will expose their contemplations on light and darkness: assistant professor of architecture Tomaž Novljan, theatre lighting designer Jaka Šimenc, astrophysicist Andreja Gomboc, bioartist Špela Petrič ...



The book will be for sale at a special price during the opening of the exhibition and the public discussion.

Thursday, 16. April 2015, at 19.00 - exhibition opening

park in front of MAO, Ljubljana


After the opening of the exhibition You say light, I think shadow you're kindly invited into the park in front of the museum where you will be able to discover what's going on in the city at night when everyone's asleep. Our streets and parks in the absence of people are being inhabitated by numerous animals as well. Human living spaces mean an abundance of food, which is why creatures we normally don't expect there take refuge in the urban space: foxes, boars, deer and so on … The lighting installation by Katja Paternoster titled Night visitors directly approaches the phenomenon of wild creatures in the city: the artists has depicted them in a series of light objects by which she tries to draw our attention to their secret presence.


The inspiration for this project was found during the artist's visits to the park in front of the castle Fužine: animals tend to leave their habitats on the nearby Golovec hill and inconspicuously sneak into the vicinity of human habitats. Katja Paternoster with her work thusly addresses the question of cohabitation between wild animals and urban environment. The light sculptures were made alive by means of skillful 3D modeling, while the symbolic introduction of the sculptures into the nature celebrates the true masters of this particular space. The visitors strolling through the castle park will encounter unusual creatures whose presence represents the cohabitation of humans and animals.


Katja Paternoster (born Lavriša) has graduated at the Faculty of architecture in Ljubljana. She's worked as an independent architect on different projects and tenders with various architecture studios. She's active in the field of light design as well, where she's interested mostly in the exposure of current issues using lighting installations in relation to the observer.


Until 26th June 2015.

YoAleksandra Stratimirovic in Sandra Praun_ You Say
              Light I think Shadow
Aleksandra Stratimirovic & Sandra Praun Katja Paternoster


Museum of Architecture and Design

(MAO), Ljubljana

Sunday, 26. april 2015, 11.0012.30


Guided tour of the exhibition You Say Light, I think Shadow

ass. prof. Tomaž Novljan,
26. April 2015 at 11.00


Ass. prof. Tomaž Novljan, Bachelor of Science in Architecture (1962, Ljubljana) has been working at the Faculty of Architecture since 1990, first as an assistant and expert with prof. Sergej Pavlin. During that time he obtains the Bachelor in Science degree with his thesis ”Slepa fasada kot likovni in gradbeno konstrukcijski element mestnega prostora” (Blank facade as a visual and structural element in the urban space) (1993) and his PhD with post-graduate thesis titled ”Fraktalno v arhitekturi – struktura, tekstura in barva” (Fractal in architecture – structure, texture and colour) (2000). In 2003 he obtains the title of the assistant professor / lecturer in the field of architecture and design. He’s a member of the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia, Association of Architects of Ljubljana, Slovenian Lighting Society and the Society for Underground and Geotechnical Constructions. He is conducting research in the field of light and humanization of architectural ambients in aggressive environments. From 2003 to 2008 he’s been working with prof. Jurij Kobe on the lectures on Studies of Colour, Space Fitting and Space Designing. Today he’s independently keeping a regular subject of Colour in architecture, the elective subject of Light in architecture and Planning 4 and 5. He’s active as a mentor with students’ workshops and as a consultant in the fields of light and lighting. He’s present with his contributions at domestic and international expert conferences while dedicating himself to domestic and international research assignments as well. Since 2006 he collaborates every year under the Socrates program with a lecture or a workshop on different lighting topics with the UPC Escola Tecnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona.


Sunday's Creative Workshop


Creative Workshop is the place for fun, games, creation, meeting and socializing. It is a space where children of age between 5 and 15 years spend their leisure time learning about architecture, design and photography.


A play of cuts, light and shadows - paper plastics


The paper, with its veiled transparency, has always had a special relation with light. The forms used to cover the immediate vicinity of light bulbs can be very diverse. We'll be creating original light shades and lanterns. The imagination is welcome, while the discussion about tastes is allowed.


The workshop is intended for children over the age of 5, pupils and college students.


Creative Workshops are organized by the Department of Education at the Museum of Architecture and Design.



Fee: 2 €, welcome!

photo: MAO archive



opening: 27. May 2015, Ljubljana

Official opening of the festival on the topic In the Dark is 27th May 2015, at the Vžigalica gallery and its surrounding. 



Svetlobna gverila Lab - workshop

Svetlobna gverila is in 2015 continuing to actively mingle with the other European light festivals. From 31. Dec. 2014 to 4. Jan. 2015 in Joensuuju in Finland first edition of the Aurora Carealis festival of light took place. Festival was established by Finnish light designer Kari Kola, that will with the professors and students of 4 Ljubljana educational institution liten the Park Zvezda on 22. May 2015. Kari Kola liten on 19. januarja 2015 the Unesco building om Paris and opened the Year of Light, which this year was proclaimed by Unesco.
On the festival Tilen Sepič, who participated to Svetlobna gverila already couple of times, has mentored the Clouds workshop. 
From the workshop

The Lighting Guerrilla program is part on the international project Spectrum 14|15. The project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Spectrum 14|15

              Sepic: Oblaki

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