Aleksandra Stratimirovic ALEKSANDRA STRATIMIROVIĆ DAGGFELDT: A Laboratory of Water, Glass and Light

We got to know Aleksandra last year as a lecturer and a mentor of the Lighting Guerilla workshop; this year we're about to experience her as an author. Her work is an installation made out of few thousand bottles, filled with tinted liquid and illuminated with neon lights. Observed from the distance, these bottles form a certain image. For the first three days of the exhibition, public will be able to observe the author at work and get acquainted with her creative process, as Aleksandra plans to raise the laboratory of water, glass and lighting on the spot, thus finishing her "painting". This is Aleksandra's second creation. For the first one (Girl with Ice Cream) Aleksandra received the first prize of the 5th competition for the artistic lighting installation, held by the renowned Italian company Targetti Sankey and Artefiera, a fair of modern art in Bologna, Italy.

Aleksandra Stratimirović Daggfeldt (1968, Belgrade/Stockholm) is an artists and light designer and a representative of the Lighting Detectives in Belgrade. She had realized a number of site specific artistic projects; this year, she is creating an installation for the city prison. She is a co-founder of the Lighting Guerilla and the Festival of Light, a premiere of which will take place in Belgrade on September 8th. For her work she received a number of awards and acknowledgements.




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Svetlobna gverila - Repeticija / Lighting guerrilla - Repetition

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