Marjeta Zupancic

Marjeta Zupancic: Secret garden

A secret garden: »In a fossilized shell there is a pearl, behind a hard nut-shell there is a sweet fruit, sharp thorns protect gentle rose. The best hidden fantasies are being kept by each individual; if you want to know them, you have to get really close. What does a stone dream about? What does a tree want to be when it grows up? The city is filled with hidden places, only few know about. Let's peek into one of those places and see what is hidden in a dark courtyard, behind its thick, stone-walls. Today, it dreams about far away places, different flowers, about blue sun. And what do you dream about? (MZ)

Marjeta Zupančič (1977, Ljubljana) finished a postgraduate study of architectural lighting in Germany after graduating at Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. Since November 2006 she is self-employed as a cultural worker and mostly deals with light design in various architectural projects in Slovenia and abroad; occasionally she creates light installations.




Strip Core

Svetlobna gverila - Repeticija / Lighting guerrilla - Repetition

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