Ocubo: Human
Ocubo_ Human tiles

The Human Tiles project was originally developed for Glow, the international lighting festival in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Its essence is traffic shots of a city which are used to digitally derive abstract forms, further developed into imprints used for the mosaic projected onto the surface of a chosen building (for this project the Cankarjev Dom cultural center was chosen). Audience is also a part of this project. People help designing the projection by moving in real time and with colors of their clothes. People's movement creates ever changing, lively patterns, one of the most recognized attributes of the Human Tiles.

The Ocubo duet consists of Nuño Maya from Portugal and Belgian Carole Purnelle, currently residing in Portugal. Creatively they focus on light as means of transforming architecture. Their principal means of expression are multimedia applications and interactive installations. After finishing the St. Luc Fine Arts Institute in Liege (BE), Carolle Purnelle continued her education at the School of Visual Arts in London, EMMA in Angoulème (FR) and at ARCO (PT). Nuño Maya graduated from multimedia studies at ETIC (PT) and then continued his post-graduate studies in media arts at CNBDI (FR). Since 2000, the duo received multiple prominent national awards and exhibited in many EU countries, as well as Japan (Expo 2005).

Unil 29th May., 21.30-1.00



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