City! Is the motto with which we aim to add a new dimension to the urban public space, and a tint of interesting and exciting for its residents and visitors, using installations by international authors. Each individual installation and the entire project reminds us that the city is a living, transforming organism that should not be taken for granted; and that not everything is what it seems. The city (can) offer different levels of life quality and various possibilities of spending leisure time. Our temporary interventions wish to encourage you, both residents and visitors, to take a different look, be it on the city itself, with its public spaces, or on the artist's part in co-designing the city and the quality of life in it.

City! includes the AKC Metelkova mesto, the central Bus station Ljubljana, the Parki-Raj parking garage on Trdinova Street, the Miklošičev park, Nazorjeva and Čopova streets, the Dragon Bridge,  The Three Bridges, the Zlata ladjica pub on Breg embankment, the Cankarjev Dom platform, the Northern park in Župančičeva jama and Hrvatski trg square, in front of St Peter's church.

City! will be opened by the interactive installation with the title Human Tiles by the Portuguese group Ocubo; the piece is supplemented by  the lighting objects designed by Andrej Štular, Marko A. Kovačič and Brane Ždralo. Their designs are linked to the year of the book events that invite us to bold readings of poetry, comics, etc. Aleksandra Stratimirović, a Serbian artist from Sweden, plans to release the kind spirits right in the center of the city; architect Katja Lavriša will redesign the street lamps; Marjeta Zupančič will be creating an underwater city with the help from participants of her workshop; Natan will fire up imaginations with Proerectors, the atmospherical-recycled projectors. Dr. Doc. Tomaž Novljan and the students of the Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture will also be taking part in changing the city's image. The Slovene broadsheet newspaper Delo is inviting the visitors to submit their photos and comments and share their opinions on issues of lighting, façades, and parks.

City! certainly can not ignore Ljubljana, the World Book Capital of 2010: the Personal Reading by the Spanish group Luzinterruptus invite us to read in uncommon places; the Nocturnal Readings in Ljubljana's parks will be made possible by special light shades by authors Marko Kovačič, Brane Ždralo, Marko Crnobrnja (from the Štap i Kanap redesign studio), and Aleš Presetnik; Comics in verses will be read on big panels in lighted posters (city lights) stationed in the city center; and Kaja Avberšek will turn the parking garage Parki-Raj into a lively apartment building that will make heads stop and turn.

Before City! can be opened, we need to introduce its first temporary residents: the Symbionts  by the French sculptor Bernard Murigneux.




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