Aleksandra Stratimriovic: Kind Spirits

The kind spirits project is exposing the issue of the abandoned buildings:

"They [the spirits] are surrounding us. Sometimes, we don't even know they are here. Unnoticeable, quiet, always ready to help. They are helping us every day, those silent benefactors. But sometimes they kick it off and curiously head towards new adventures. They fly over the city's roofs, play with the wind, they rest in the treetops and enjoy the view. They call for sparrows in the bushes. They jump into the river and take a deep dive. They love exploring the water world...

In the heart of Ljubljana, by the Shoemaker's Bridge, on the second floor of the collapsing building, there's a group of kind spirits of Ljubljana getting together every night, right above the Zlata ladjica pub."


The artist Aleksandra Stratimirović specializes in lighting objects and installations. She finished her studies in Academy of arts and design in Belgrade and continued her post-graduate studies at the Royal institute of Technology in Stockholm. She has created several permanent site-specific art projects in Stockholm; she also designed the lighting in the Belgrade based Pozorište šešira theatre group; her lamps are being manufactured in SwedenItaly. She exhibits in Germany, Sweden, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, and, this year, Guggenheim museum in the USA. and


Exhibited until June 12th 2010




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