Murigneux: Symbionts
Bernard Murigneux: Symbionts

Symbionts live alone or in small groups, and the purpose of their visit is... well, it is not quite clear. Their appearance and spots of occurrence evoke awe and amazement. Are those living beings or are they merely an inhabited cave? It is hard to pinpoint their origins. They are something between organic matter and construction, something between natural and artificial. Their sizes vary from man-size to colossal and they somehow always manage to build a dialog with urban space. Tucked between two buildings, perched on a bus stop, or suspended in an arch, the Symbionts communicate with passersby. It seems like they exist here since forever, as if they follow the flow and the pulse of the city and at the same time, they question the public space. Could it be that their mission is to encourage the passersby to question the meaning of our residence and the material existence of the matter itself? The rumor is that they were spotted in Tallinn, Estonia, and that their less advanced relatives were seen under road bridges, buildings, and even forests in France.


Bernard Murigneux, French visual artist studied at Saint-Etienne's Fine Arts Academy. The Symbionts (original title: Mobilus) premiered at the Roger Tator Gallery in Lyon, for the Hansaflux project, as a part of the Valgus festival program in Tallinn in December 2008. The author uses projects like Mobilus, Construction Parasite, and Colonie to expose the problems regarding space.

His photo collages of fictional architecture that seems familiar, yet somehow strange, reveal that space is the center point of his research.


Central Bus station Ljubljana, AKC Metelkova mesto, banks of Ljubljanica River - The Three Bridges and the Dragon Bridge, May 15th, 21:00. Exhibited until June 12th.




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