Laurenz Theinert: GESPINST
Kurt Laurenz Theinert:

When entering from the outside world into the exhibition space we leave behind the stable ‘normal’ environment. If we give ourselves to the visual waves creating the structure of the space – be it regular or not, harmonious or dissonant – we enter the unsecure space filled with surprises. The space and light offer a plethora of creative incentives to the artist. Movement and position occupy the focal point in Theinert’s lighting creativity.

Gespinst is a lighting installation made of electroluminescent wires stretched under different angles in a dark room. Each wire radiates a shimmering pulsation in its own but universal rhythm. While our brains always try to logically relate even the tiniest phenomena, the frequencies of this pulsation soon become more important than the event itself. What is created is ‘Hirngespinst’ – an apparition of illusive movement.

Photographer and lighting artist Kurt Laurenz Theinert (born in 1963) focuses on visual experiences sourcing from images without messages. His wish to reach the ultimate dematerialisation takes his abstract reductive aesthetic from photography to light. Through light – the abstract, momentary medium – the artist explores contemporary art practices. He is a regular guest at European lighting festivals and other contemporary art events. He presented his Visual Piano at the Lighting Guerrilla festival 2011 (in Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, and LokalPatriot, Novo Mesto).


The Lighting Guerrilla installations at the Vžigalica Gallery are open daily from 12 till 10.30 pm. Mondays closed.

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