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Boštjan Drinovec: Tree particle

light installation // Park along Gradaščica creek in Trnovo //

'permanent' installation

OPENING: Friday, 17th June, at 22.00

projections on the object: 17th June – 3rd July

The Tree particle is designed as a huge metal construction, fitted with several mobile elements that sway in the wind, and with artificial lighting that illuminates the immediate surroundings at night, creating in this way dramatic visual effects. The kinetic sculpture will serve as a projection screen during the festival, as it's designed to be a backdrop for moving video images as well. The geometric sculpture simulates the shape of a tree, transformed into a monumental techno-sculpture, and as such represents a total work of art, a one-of-a-kind simulacrum of the flora. This work is the latest project of an established sculptor who realized a great number of referential installations and developed a peculiar visual poetic. The originality of the installation, along with the fusion of organic (video) and geometric forms, is found primarily in the combination of multiple media, resulting in a suggestive and monumental artistic intervention in the public space. The animations that will be screened onto the object during the festival were created by the musician, VJ and multimedia artist Gregor Mesec.

The sculpture is situated in the park along Gradaščica creek where it will stand for several years. The next editions of the festival will add other permanent installations to the location that will gradually establish itself as a Park of Light.


BOŠTJAN DRINOVEC (Ljubljana, 1973) finished the Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana, where he graduated in sculpture (1998) and obtained his Master's Degree in arts (2001). He was awarded an award for his artistic work in sculpture by the University of Ljubljana. He works as a docent at the Academy since 2008, where he lectures at the Department of sculpture. He's has many individual exhibitions and created numerous other permanent installations.


animation: Gregor Mesec (VJ Mesec)


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