Nature_I Wear Electrified

ČIPke: Nature_I Wear Electrified

workshop results - responsive installation // Vžigalica gallery //

Saturday, 18th June, at 22.00

A presentation of the Nature_I Wear Electrified responsive installation, created by the attendees of the workshop who learned about responsive electronics, programming and hat design, will take place as part of the Summer Museum Night. The presentation will feature three electrified hats by three techno-heroines, three wild hags who know their way around both wild plants and wild technology. Each hat gives them a specific superpower to control one of the aspects of nature: biological, technological and human. Each techno-goddess has her own identity that changes in contact with the other two. They express their superpowers by means of sounds, sensors, LED lights, speakers, microcontrolers and materials which correspond to their characteristics.


The project deals with the meaning of natural in the technologically modernized society. Our starting point is the assumption that our perception of nature as a static, balanced and harmonic system that doesn't include the man or technology, is naive. We should not consider ourselves antinatural beings that jeopardize and destroy nature, but as catalysts of evolution, because natures changes with us and the ethical choice is always a part of the relationship. Our nature namely knows no competition or struggle for survival, but cohabitation, which is the reason to develop the 'wild' software that encourages both autonomous operations as well as symbiosis. /ČIPke/


mentors: Andrej Zadnik (programming) and Lavoslava Benčić (wearable electronics) // hat design: Sanja Grcić, Ana Lazovski // concept and consulting: Ida Hiršenfelder and Saša Spačal // technical support: Tomo Per (RogLab) // producers: Tajša Perović (Rampa Lab) and Meta Štular (RogLab) // documentation: Hana Josić, Andreja Kranjec // workshop participants: Maja Novak, Denis Mavrič, Linda Ogrizek, Nina Orlić, Saša Hajzler, Urška Spitzer // performing: Nina Orlić (Narava), Saša Hajzler (Tehnologija), Tjaša Avsec (Človek)


produced by: Rog Lab and Rampa Lab/Kersnikova

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