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Lighting Guerrilla


mentors: Katarzyna Skrobala, Piotr Florianowicz (PL) & Damijan Kracina

Park at Krizankah, Ljubljana
25. Nov. 2016 - 4. Jan. 2017


The Photosensitive project is part of the international Spectrum 16 project. The Spectrum was created by more European festivals of light. Students of the High School for Design and Photography participated at the workshop and made a serial of simple yet complex light objects.  

Workshop was created by Polish artists Katarzyna Skrobala and Piotr Florianowicz, that work at the Children's Creative Art Center and Gallery in
Torunu. They first realized it at the
Bella Skyway international light festival, a partner festival of Svetlobne gverila.

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Spectrum 16 -
                      Transnational Light

Svetlobna gverila 2016 video

TILEN SEPIĆ: Light Oscillator,

Lumina festival, Cascais, PT, Sept. 2016

KATJA PATERNOSTER: Domestic and Wild,
Lumina festival, Cascais, PT, Sept. 2016



The main medium of expression in the works of contemporary visual arts, presented at the Lighting Guerrilla international festival, is obviously the medium of light. The festival in this year, 2016, celebrates its tenth anniversary. A look over the shoulder into past decade reveals a great number of daring and often demanding lighting installations that illuminated the city and delighted its visitors and citizens.


It is a mere coincidence that the festival's program, in the year when Ljubljana boasts the title of the Green Capital of Europe, will also be marked by the same colour green. The main theme of this year's edition of the festival is namely NATURE. This is the reason we'll also be hosted in some city parks and the Botanical garden, in addition to other established locations. In addition to all that, we're beginning a multiannual project of a gradual creation and transformation of the Lighting park, situated next to the Gradaščica creek and created by Boštjan Drinovec. This year's program once again involves students from schools and faculties in Ljubljana with whom we develop new projects and, through a series of workshops, take care of their creative appetites.

Numerous artistic interventions presented here thematize and explore different meanings that nature has for the man in the modern society. Nature has been inspiring artists since time immemorial, but the contemporary ones are not satisfied with merely portraying it, but instead they use advanced technological tools to actively explore her mysteries. The members of the ČIPke collective, which is taking part of the festival for the first time this year, emphasize that „our conception of nature as a static, balanced and harmonic ecosystem that does not include the man or technology, is naive.“ Humans thus have a place in nature as much as is the other way around. Either as the godmother of creative inspiration, even mystical contemplation, or a venue for mysterious forces and process that raise scientificv and artistic curiosity, nature provides both artists and audiences a limitless quantity of material. The projects, shown at the festival, re-create the sublime beauty of nature, make space for playful substantial and formal arrangements and provide many starting points for various explorations and artistic experimentations.


Svetlobna gverila program is part of the Spectrum 16 – Transnational Light project, cofunded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

Spectrum 16 -
                      Transnational Light

Gilberto Esparza

Gilberto Esparza: Autophotosynthetic plants

Andre Bahna: Zate sem shranil sončni zahod

André Bahna: I've saved the sunset for you

Tilen Sepič
Tilen Sepič: Light oscillator

Lighting guerrilla

Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory consists of a series of green educational workshops, realized with different co-producers and mentors. The results of the workshops will be presented on different locations of the festival.


Info & registration: Lili Šturm (MGLC), t. 01/2413 818, e.


coproduction: Mednarodni grafični likovni center




23. and 24. April, MGLC


On the workshop that took place in MGLC under the mentorship of Katja Paternoster and Martin Podlogar attendees learned the basics of electrotechnics and about different materials which will enable them to use the DIY and recycling methods to create their own light projects. The topic of the workshop, animal homes in the park, led them to debate influence of people on our surrounding and research of the biotope. During the research the participants discovered a new creature, parasite, that can be noticed to a skilled eye also during the day, but really comes alive in the night-time.

Created work will be presented in the park Tivoli at the Tivoli castle.

: Monday, 30. May, at 21.30;
until 3. July.


11. June, MGLC


The workshop, headed by Katja Paternoster and Andrej Štular, is intended for the younger audience from the age of 8.

Attendees will be discussing about the light that sparkles in the night in the tree and bush canopies. With recycling technic they will recreate the world that will become alive in their imagination.


Results will be presented in the park near the Tivoli palace (MGLC).


Sathurday, 18th June, at 21.30;

until 3rd July.


21. May and 17. June, MGLC


Attendees of the workshop, headed by dr. Špela Petrič, and assisted by Andrej Štular, are going to learn about the photosynthesis and its visible effects by printing their own images onto plant leaves using iodine. The first session (21.5.) will focus on iodine printing and photooxidation on plant leaves, while the other (17.6.) on the review of the creations and the preparation of an exhibition. Created works will be presented in front of the Tivoli palace (MGLC) on a one-day exhibition as part of the Summer Museum Night.



Sathurday, 18th June, at 21.30;

workshop mentors:

KATJA PATERNOSTER graduated at the Faculty of architecture in Ljubljana. She's collaborated as an independent architect on several projects and tenders with different architectural offices. She also works in light design, where she's most interested in highlighting contemporary themes, presented using lighting installations in relation to the spectator.

is currently on his post-graduate studies at the Faculty of electrotechnics in Ljubljana. He works with art in his spare time and occasionally collaborates with various artistic projects as a technical assistant.

ŠPELA PETRIČ (1980), with a Bachelor in Biology and a Master's Degree in Arts, combines nature sciences, new media and performances in her artistic work. She's interested in all kinds of anthropocentrism, reconstruction and appropriation of scientific methodology in the context of society, living systems and artificial life. Her work is complemented by heading educational programs in the fields of natural sciences and arts, intended to inform and sensibilize the interested public, especially the young one.


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