SEPIČ: Light oscillator

Tilen Sepič: Light oscillator


light instalation // Tivoli Park // 30. 5.–18. 6.
OPENING: Monday, 30th May, at 21.30


This kinetic light/audio installation stems from the observation and studies of natural oscillations and kinetic phenomena based on gravity: from the rotation of planets to the movement of particles in the atomic level. The installation consists of light spheres, circulating in persisting slow motion. Eachs sphere emits a very bright light of complementary colours that mixed together can create the white colour. Different frequencies of rotation project onto the environment multicoloured shadows of the present spectators in a sinusoidal motion, which visitors can actively play with.

The programmed patterns of light and sound are based on different basic frequencies/oscillations that intertwine between themselves and the rotating spheres. Thus they form a generative light-sound ambiental setting that creates a meditative and emotional effect on the spectator thanks to their exact synchronization of light and sound. /Tilen Sepič/

TILEN SEPIČ is a multidisciplinary and intermedia artist who works in the fields of industrial design, interactive studio photography and light design. He co-founded the Creative Zone Šiška, the Rompom band and the Muslauf association, while collaborating with the electronic experimental band Theremidi Orchestra as well. Recently he's focused on the design of unique lights, conceiving numerous interactive audiovisual installations. He uses blogs and galleries with his original content to analyze the viral behaviour of artistic content in the internet. After the year 2006 he's received many awards in the field of product design.


coproducer: MGLC

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