ADDITIONAL PROJECTION: Summer Museum Night, Saturday, 18th June, 21.30–24.00

Lenka Đorojević, Lina Rica, Maja Burja in Staš Vrenko: Code Pile

projection // fascade Gosposka st. 13 //

projecting: Monday, 16th May, at 21.30

The Facade flourishes on the surface of a facade; a set of circumstances and images in a code of it's own logic, establishing a net that aims to capture the relation between the real and virtual, the original and the copy, the analog and the digital, between the pragmatic and the ornament.

Code Pile is an interface that questions the distribution of artistic works and works of nature through the ironisation of the relation between the original and the copy. It manipulates with measurable quantities of visual data (digital manipulation of QR codes) that enable a flow of transformed meanings from digital and analog life on a symbolic level and in this way subvert the phenomena of perception of space and time.


LENKA ĐOROJEVIĆ comes from the medium of graphics and often incorporates it in other selected media. She's graduated in 2008 at the Academy of visual arts in Trebinje (BiH) and now works also as a scenographer, curator and a collaborator with Radio Študent.

LINA RICAhas graduated in graphics at the Academy of fine arts in Zagreb in 2008. Apart from the graphics work, she also employs photography, video and animation arts. She's contributed to group exhibitions, festivals and workshops in Croatia and abroad, receiving also numerous awards for her graphics. In 2012, she's opened a gallery Galerica in Makarska.

MAJA BURJA has graduated in 2015 in painting at the Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana, continuing her studies on the postgraduate study of sculpture on the same institution. She's contributed to many group exhibitions and festivals. Her artistic practice is characterized by the intermedia works, especially by the fields of photography and 'site-specific' works.

STAŠ VRENKO combines the exploring of different artistic fields with special attention to sound, sound engineering,  sculpture, performative arts and kineticism. He also creates electric instruments. He's graduated in 2014 in sculpture at the Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana, where now he continues his postgraduate studies.


coproduction: Kino Šiška

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