Details of natural light

OCUBO: Details of natural light 


projection // ZRC SAZU facade, Novi Square // 16. 5. – 21. 5.

OPENING: Monday, 16th May, at 21.30

This experimental and contemplative project is based on macro and micro footage of organic elements like tree leaves, canopies and other various forms found in the world of plants. Big-format videomapping enables the spectator to search and explore the fascinating world of nature, hidden in the tiniest details. Textures and transparencies that come to life with the transition of light through plant membranes, transform the architecture into an infinite arena with the wonderful world of nature in the prime role. The architecture becomes the backdrop for a magical dance show of natural elements where the appearance is defined by light, chemistry and physics.


OCUBO, established by Nuno Maya and Carole Purnelle, is an internationally recognized author-production studio that regularly attends events around the world with their mapped video projections and multimedia projects. OCUBO are also producers of the biggest multimedia projections in Portugal. Their projects often include an interactive twist, as the intent of their creation is communication with the audience, where the spectator becomes the co-creator of the artwork. Apart from that, OCUBO with their projections on facades, city walls and other architectural elements also invite the public to rethink their environment and culture.



every night until 21st May after 21.30


coproduction: ZRC SAZU

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