Urpelainen & Damian Vega: Five pieces of evidence
                  for the afterlife

Otto Urpelainen & Damian Vega: Five  pieces of evidence for the afterlife


light installation // Nočna izložba Pešak, Metelkova Mesto // 6. 6.–4. 7.
OPENING: Monday, 6th June, at 21.30



»I'd like to talk about spiritualism. I come from the fields of science, technology and media, and I'm fed up with them, so I'd like to explore something completely different. But I'm still familiar with science and I like it when bold claims are supported by hard evidence.

Fine, then, good evidence for the spiritualism, presented in a way that a random passerby would immediately grasp. Simple, even naive ideas about the ghosts of dead people that live in the afterlife, and some magic tricks to 'prove' it. Sounds great. I present thee the five pieces of evidence, or, five ways of talking to ghosts. Come and convince yourselves! Maybe one of the ghosts is your late grandfather who has a message for you.« /Otto Urpelainen/


OTTO URPELAINEN (Oulu, 1984) was born in Finland where he finished the studies of mathematics at the University of Turku, while currently living and working in Ljubljana. He works in programming and developing solutions for energy systems, otherwise he's a great fan of experimental electronics. He's contributed as a consultant and as an author to many performances, artistic projects and other initiatives.


coproducer: KUD Mreža, drawing: Marko Kociper

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