Svetlobna gverila
                    Stratimirovic: Dobri duhovi

OPENING: Simulaker Gallery, Novo Mesto,
Friday 27 September 2013 at 8 pm.

Lighting Guerrilla is based in Ljubljana, but with individual projects it also tours around Slovenia. By presenting lighting installations, objects, (interactive) screenings and other lighting projects in streets, squares and parks, this international festival exposes the role of light in art and daily life. Screenings on city facades enliven the architecture; together with lighting installations and objects they invite the general public and the professional audience to think about the role of artists in the public space.

Lighting Guerrilla loves to socialise with artists of all generations, genders, nationalities, and with different cultural and educational institutions. After its sixth birthday and with the help of domestic artists, it took courage to step across the home threshold and present itself to the audience in Novo Mesto. It scouted the situation already in 2011 by sending Kurt Laurenz Theinert with his project Visual Piano to creatively mingle with local musicians of LokalPatriot Club in Novo Mesto.
Under the subtitle Re:action, Lighting Guerrilla now presents primarily works by Slovene artists created for the past editions of the festival, with a new contribution made by Jure Miklič from Novo Mesto. And since associations with other familiar festivals bore fruits, namely the Spectrum project, we also managed to bring to Novo Mesto the Estonian cult artist Raoul Kurvitz and the Latvian artistic group I DID IT. In this framework, the Lighting Guerrilla delegation visited Lumina in Portugal this September, including the designer and media artist Tilen Sepič and the permanent collaborator of Lighting Guerrilla, Prof. Tomaž Novljan, Ph.D.

In Ljubljana we will host the Estonian lighting designer and lecturer Priit Tiimus, who will present his findings about the use of colours in architectural lighting. We will also present results of the Ocubo's Sea of Light workshop by screening them onto the façade of the Ljubljana City Museum.


art: Aleksandra Stratimirović: Kind Spirits,
photo: DK

Svetlobna gverila: Shimmering
Laurenz Theinert

After a few preliminary swings at the Exodos Festival (Tim Etchells; Matthieu Tercieux) and the Scarecrows project by Marko A. Kovačič and Brane Ždralo along the Path of Remembrance and Comradeship, the Lighting Guerrilla will turn on its lights at the already traditional locations in the city centre.

Shimmering refers to rather weak lighting sources, which nevertheless give a special character to the space. This year's 7th edition of the festival will comprise both contemporary lighting technologies and vanishing lighting phenomena. Local and foreign artists and university students of several academies have created works based on the research of lighting media in relation to (public) space and the visitors/passers-by. Thus again this year, the Lighting Guerrilla Festival invites, suggests and stimulates the reflection about the role of lighting, artists, and art in public space and daily life, the relationship between private and public, and the opening of spaces for purposes of art and everyman’s imagination.

After the opening at the Vžigalica Gallery and the occupation of its surroundings, the action will continue across the Ljubljanica River at the Škuc Gallery, while the final events will be held in the framework of the Museum Night at the Metelkova Street, where we will actively join the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum (SEM).

In September we will move several of our productions from previous Lighting Guerrilla Festivals to Novo Mesto in the event under common title More Light!, prepared together with our Estonian and Latvian guests. At the same time, results of the workshops held in June by the Ocubo group from Portugal will be presented on the façade of the City Museum in Ljubljana. In the framework of the Spectrum international project, Lighting Guerrilla will also turn on its lights in Caiscas, Riga, and Tallinn.

ARTISTS: Laurenz Theinert, Hamo Čavrk, Tilen Sepič and Dan Adlešič, Bertrand Gadenne, Mirko Malle/AAI, Artificiel, Borut Bučinel, Andrej Štular, Kaja Avberšek, Urša Vidic and Meta Grgurevič, Faculty of Architecture, Academy of Design,  Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana, AVA Academy. Program in pdf.

LOCATIONS: Vžigalica gallery and surroundings, Škuc gallery, Slovene Etnographic Museum yard

OPENING: Vžigalica Gallery, Ljubljana, Tuesday, 28. May 2013, at 9.30 PM

UNTIL: 30. June 2013

art&photo: Kurt Laurenz Theinert: Gespinst

Program of the Lighting Guerrilla is cofinanced by City of Ljubljana and Ministry of Culture.

spectrum Spectrum is an international project produced by 4 European international light festivals: Lumina, Bienale Valgus, Staro Riga in Sveltobna gverila/Lighitng Guerrilla. A purpose of the project is to exchange knowledge and present selected artists to international public. Svetlobna gverila was represented at Lumina with Tilen Sepič and the Eclipse project,and the Lighting Guerrilla Laboaratory workshop led by  dr. doc. Tomaž Novljan. In Riga and Tallin the noice and Sparks of Prometeus was produced by Marko Kovacic and the crew.

Spectrum was cofinanced by the European CommissionThe content of this text is a sole responsibility of the author and in no case does it represent an official position of the European Commission. 


Marko A. Kovacic in Brane
                      Zdralo: Strasilo

Matthieu Tercieux: Tukaj ste ... in drugje

Tim Etchells: Wait here ... I have gone to get
Marko A.
                  Kovacic in Brane Zdralo: Strasilo Matthiue
                  Tercieux in Chloe Bonnard: Tukaj ste ... in drugje Tim
                  Etchells: Pocakaj tu ... Sel sem na pomoc

Scarecrow is an art object that resembles a traditional folkloristic item: the field scarecrow. The artists are re-contextualizing and rebranding it into a urban/rural feature. Formal inspiration is drawn from futurism, constructivism, suprematism and modernism in general. In addition to its aesthetic value, the object pleases with its applicable value as well - the function of a pest repellant … The object, rotating in random motion, is powered by natural sources and thusly correlated to its natural environment. Nature in collaboration with mechanics, electronics and art creates a new »urban accessory«. This modern sculpture reacts to the passersby as well and creates unpredictable light and sound effects. Five objects will be placed on meadows and fields adjacent to the PST around Ljubljana (Pot spominov in tovarištva - Path of Memories and Comradeship). This way they will expand the field of designated art spaces, reveal the city as a comprehensive whole and highlight its heroic history.
The opus of MARKO KOVAČIČ is characterized by a prominent interdisciplinary approach and a distinct taste for multimediality. His works flirt with industrial iconography and socialist symbolics very often; they frequently hint at historical avantgardes and especially at utopisms. His sculptural/ambiental creations often make heavy use of the recycling principle, which is one of the key features of his subsequent projects, presented at Svetlobna gverila.

BRANE ŽDRALO is an engineer of electrotechnics at the Faculty of Electrotechnics in Ljubljana. His art projects explore the possibilities of recycling of computer components and printing process leftovers, combined with various electronic circuitry and light sources. He’s inspired by futurism and science fiction, while his explorations involve questions of time, space, interactivity and new dimensions. He co-created the projects Prometejeve iskre (Prometheus’ Sparks) and Fatamorgana (Svetlobna gverila, 2010 in 2011) in collaboration with Marko Kovačič.

LOCATIONS: PST/ the Path of Remembrance and Comradeship or The fence around the occupied Ljubljana 

OPENING: Koseški bajer (Koseze pond), 8. May 2013 at 21.00

18. May, 2. June at 21.30
16. June and 30. June at 9.00
Starting point: Koseški bajer (Koseze pond)
Bycicles required.

UNTIL: 30. June 2013
Svetlobna gverila and 18. Exodos

A playful and poetic installation Here Your Are ... And Elsewhere a monumental work of art based on interactive maps. In the play of lights, video projections, pictograms and geographical coordinates, the playground turns into a diverting interactive human mapping. A journey that takes only a few steps to bring you from your current position into the city, the world ... the sky.

The project was originaly realized by Matthieu Tercieux & Chloé Bonnard and produced by AADN from France and it was premiered at La Fęte des Lumičres 2011, an event yearly attracting over 2 million visitors to Lyon, France.

In Ljubljana project will be created by
Matthieu Tercieux as artistic director, Edouard Souillot, musician and sound engineer, and Alexandra Lolivrel, graphic designer. Drawings and stories are drawn and told by Slovene artists Kaja Avberšek,  Domen Finzgar, Marko Kociper, students of High school for design and photography and participants of the workshop in Skuc gallery.

In the action!

Matthieu Tercieux graduated from the Mulhouse Art School. Already in artworks from his student years he explored video-feedback effects, manipulation, and misuse of sensitive materials. He mastered the MAX/MSP/Jitter software on his own, as well as in the workshops by George Gagneré. He is engaged in performing arts, dealing with interactive set designs and VJ applications. He also creates different interactive installations for various events and festivals.
LOCATION: Cankarjevim dom platform, Ljubljana.

UNTIL: 24. April 2013, 21.00-23.00

Donator: Energoplan d.d.
Cofinacer: Institut Francias Slovenie
Production: Lighting Guerrilla Festival/Forum Ljubljana, 18th Exodos Festival, Cankarjev Dom Cultural Centre
Svetlobna gverila and 18. Exodos

Svetlobna gverila likes to mingle with other art festivals and this year we are looking forward to deep relationship with international theatre festival Exodos, which takes place in April in Ljubljana.

Tim Etchells, artist, performance maker and writer is this years selector of the Exodos program.

Since 2008, Tim Etchells has been extremely active also in the field of visual art. His visual work is closely related to his theatre making and literature. The variety of expressive domains, media and contexts open up new possibilities and enable him to research manifold themes in different manners, through different processes. He is especially interested in the presence, discovering events in space and time, and dynamic relations between the work and spectators. Frequently he explores and reveals structures and codes of language and culture, being fascinated by their productivity as well as limitations. In numerous projects Etchells creates an event even before it actually happens, or exposes an idea even before it is expressed. The mechanisms and economy of this process, construction and deconstruction, emergence and disappearance form the essence of his creations. A majority of his projects (including the neon inscriptions to be exhibited in Ljubljana) announce an event, idea or intention that is indefinite and concealed.

His short and simple phrases in the form of neon inscriptions present minimal addresses to people. Simple but mysterious phrases, messages and instructions provoke confusion, discomfort, reflection, intimacy… The inscriptions that the passers-by encounter on streets, in shop windows, on roofs, at galleries or anywhere else are not fully comprehensible. Precisely this lack is most important for the whole image. His reference to the narration or idea beyond the text invites the passers-by to join in. Although we cannot say why. We are intrigued into a story which we cannot entirely reject nor completely understand, and it results in a contradiction, something between fiction and reality. The author puzzles us with the intentions and meanings of his inscriptions, more appropriate to a private conversation than a public address.

By means of his neon and LED inscriptions, Etchells explores contradictions of language. On the one hand, his presentation of the story, image and idea is swift, clear and varied, while on the other hand it shows an incredible tendency to provoke confusion, ambiguity and suspense.

Tim Etchells presents his works at personal exhibitions (e.g. Gasworks and Sketch) and large international events (Manifesta 7, Art Sheffield 2008, Goteborg Biennial 2009), as well as curated group exhibitions (Netherlands Media Art Institute in Amsterdam, Sparwasser HQ in Berlin, Exit Art in New York, among others). In 2009-10 he was Thinker in Residence at Tate Research and LADA in London.

LOKACIJE: different loacation in Ljubljana

UNTIL: 24. April 2013

photo: Tim Etchells. With a courtesy of the artist.

Sponsor: Šumijev kvart d.o.o.
Dontaros: Energoplan d.d., KPL, MOL
Coproduction: Zavod Exodos, IRIU


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