Svetlobna gverila
Lighting Guerrilla

     8. Sept. - 10. Oct. 2014
Bright Future


Monday, 8 September 2014 at 9 pm, Vžigalica Gallery, Ljubljana

The leading theme of the eight edition of the Lighting Guerrilla festival is BRIGHT FUTURE. In these uncertain times many look for things tomorrow is supposed to bring: visions of the future are marked by both utopian as well as entirely disastrous scenarios. Technological euphoria crowned by the ideology of permanent growth and progress has marked the past century; nowadays, however, it gives way to the increasingly profound awareness about the effects of this progress on our society and environment. The capitalist mantra is facing a deep structural crisis, while climatic changes cause more and more ecological problems – both of which will certainly have far-reaching and irreversible consequences for the fate of humanity. The festival certainly cannot offer ultimate answers to challenges of the future. Nevertheless, we have conceived a programme of international projects that critically or satirically question and expose different visions of the time yet to come. The exhibited projects call for a critical consideration about the future whose “brightness”, perhaps, shows merely as an ironic undertone intended to constructively cast doubt.

This year we focus on projects devised by Slovene and foreign artists of different generations and with diverse expressive poetics and narratives, all of which have one common denominator, of course – the use of this or that kind of light or its elements. As in the past years, the bulk of the festival will occupy the neighbourhood of the Francoske Revolucije Square, but the lighting installations, objects and projections will also inhabit numerous public spaces, as well as other Ljubljana exhibition grounds. This year, we will also socialise with the City of Women festival.


ARTISTS: Aleksandra Stratimirović (RS/SE), Max Sudhues (DE), Mirko Malle and AAI (at/si/world), Artificiel (CA), Maro Avrabou and Dimitri Xenakis (FR), Sophie Guyot (CH), Alessandro Lupi (IT), Norman McLaren (CA), Andrea Miltnerová (UK/CZ), Matej Stupica, Martin Bricelj Baraga, Natalija R. Črnčec, Nina Šulin and Andrej Hrvatin, IZLAND and jesusonecstasy, Marko Batista and Srdjan Deba, Zoran Srdić Janežič and Jana Putrle Srdić, Tilen Sepič, Tomaž Novljan, Staš Sotlar, Martin Podlogar, Tomo Markočič (all SI) …


LOCATIONS: City Lights, shop windows in downtown Ljubljana, Vžigalica Gallery, Križevniška Church, Križevniška Church garden, Križevniška and Gosposka Streets, CSU Vodnik Manor House, Španski Borci Cultural Centre, Novi Square, ZRC SAZU Atrium,  International Centre of Graphic Arts, arcades under Three Bridges, Archeological Park Emona – Early Christian Centre, Kino Šiška, Slovene Cinemateque, Alkatraz Gallery/Metelkova City, Dance Theatre Ljubljana, Francoske Revolucije Square ...


Lighting Guerrilla is part of the international project Spectrum 14|15. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Lighting Guerrilla

Saturday, 13 September 2014

10 am-9 pm – workshop

9-12pm – exhibition


Lighting workshop


International Centre of Graphic Arts

Mentor: Sophie Guyot

Assistant: David Krančan


APPLICATIONS: Lili Šturm, phone: 01/ 2413 818, email:


The participants of the workshop by the prominent Swiss artist Sophie Guyot will produce a shelter or simple dwelling. These brittle rudimentary buildings are usually imperfect and unstable structures built from ordinary materials and cast-off objects. They are normally made by hand, and as such they could become part of a specific life agenda aimed at approaching and coexisting with the nature. The question is posed whether such a dwelling could also become an alternative to city apartments. The ambition of this workshop (free of charge) is to conceive a lighting dwelling made of branches and lycra. In the daytime these objects give impression of a wild camping, while in the night they turn into lighting sculptures living a special life.


The installations created at the workshop will be exhibited in the evening in the Tivoli Park near the International Centre of Graphic Arts.


Co-produced by International Centre of Graphic Arts

Max Sudhues
Max Sudhues
Aleksandra Stratimirovic: Moja svetla
Aleksandra Stratimirovic: My Light Future
Sophie Guyot: Dwellings, illustration: Kaja Avberšek

Lighting Guerrilla

TILEN SEPIC: Cloud Light
Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory - workshop
MGLC, Ljubljana

Tue. - Thurs., 1.- 3. July 2014

What light do we get if we place a certain material in front of a lighting source? What kind of light requires an object? All such questions will be answered at the workshop led by Tilen Sepic. You are going to produce lighting objects and exhibit them in September at the Lighting Guerrilla festival in Ljubljana.

Free addmission. For 14 and older. Limited number of participants.

Re:action 2014
TILEN SEPIČ: Cloud Light
Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory - workshop
Mladinski center Hrastnik

17. May 2014

What light do we get if we place a certain material in front of a lighting source? What kind of light requires an object? All such questions will be answered at the workshop led by Tilen Sepič. You are going to produce lighting objects and exhibit them in Delavski Dom Hrastnik.


Re:action 2014
22. - 31. May 2014
Delavski dom and other locations, Hrastnik

Svetlobna gverila/Lighitng Guerrila will start the year with reaction. For several nights, the Lighting Guerrilla will brighten up the town hand in hand with the Red Beats! Festival

22. May 2014 at 21.00,
in front of Delavski dom Hrastnik


 Participant of the workshop in the action

Tilen Sepič: Clouds
                    Stratimirovic: VIP

Aleksandra Stratimirovic: VIP


Strip Core