EVA PUC: Odtisi časa

Academy of Fine Arts and Design Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory

Academy of Fine Arts and Design Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory
light installations
various locations
mentors: Sašo Sedlaček & Janez Grošelj

The program of this year’s festival also includes several solo exhibitions by students of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana.

FILIP ČOP signs the project Quagli’s Portal on the walls of Križanke: the video projection thematizes baroque illusionist painting. The author uses illusion in an otherwise closed window niche to open up a space and add a dimension of time, thereby establishing the effect of movement in an otherwise rigid architectonic frame.  HANA ZADNIKAR explores digital space with the interactive installation Under the Grid at Križevniška Street. With the help of light network, the installation is designed as an algorithmic space that reacts to the presence of the viewer. The project symbolizes digital world of algorithms, their omnipresence and intangibility, but also their subjection to transformations – viewer’s every move changes their digital flora. EVA PUC‘s project entitled Imprints of Time on the Congress Square thematizes the changes that the square has undergone in recent years: instead of a parking lot, today the square is mainly a performance area, which, however, is desolate for a good part of the year. With animated projections that evoke former use of this area, the author attempts to demonstrate the contrast between now and then, whereby she illustrates various space policies and thereby also changes in our relationship towards the urban. Not far away is KETI JOVANOVSKI‘s authorial project Your Square Metre?, which thematizes real estate prices in Ljubljana and, by means of simple graphic tools, also visually compares them with prices of some other European capitals. MANUEL BRAJNIK & JAN LAVRIČ‘s project Threshold, which can be viewed in the arcades along the Slovenska Road (opposite to the Zvezda Park), explores connections between physical border space and psychological border state we experience right at the transition between alienation and presence. With contrasting colours and UV-rays, which are triggered by the presence of the viewer, the authors created a visual parable that establishes a space for reflection and awareness of presence in the world.

co-production: Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, Mini Theatre