Light installation
Façade of the Cankarjev dom // until 22 June
OPENING: Friday, 24 May, 9:30 p.m.

Aleksandra Stratimirović presents a light installation that was first exhibited in 2021 at The Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm as part of the Nobel Week Lights event. The visually simple work consists of two stylised images of human brain, which, with the help of pulsating light, indicate the functioning of this organ. Yet, the project not only highlights the process of communication in the human body, but also the communication of the individual with the environment or other people, which is the fundamental driving force of every new creative idea, and therefore also of the progress and consequent changes that enable the transformation of society. Dynamic light acts as the element that illustrates the birth of ideas and is, simultaneously, a unique tribute to the activities of countless individuals who surpassed their time with innovative ideas. 

ALEKSANDRA STRATIMIROVIĆ is a Serbian artist who lives and works between Stockholm and Belgrade. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Belgrade and her postgraduate degree from the Royal Institute for Technology in Stockholm. She works as a light artist and light designer, is a member of The Lighting Detectives Stockholm and a co-founder of the Lighting Guerrilla festival. In addition, she often holds lectures on the issue of light, and is an author of several artistic projects and permanent installations in the public space. 

photo: Robin Hayes
co-production: Cankarjev dom
sponsor: Art hotel