BEAM TEAM: A Kaleidoscope of Trees

Mapped video projection
Tivoli Park (next to Plečnik’s amphitheatre) // until 22 June
OPENING: Wednesday, 19 June, 9:30 p.m.

Just before the end of this year’s festival, Lighting Guerrilla joins the Spider festival. A mapped video projection, authored by Stella Ivšek and Anja Romih from the BEAM TEAM collective, in collaboration with Taja Štembegar this time, will be on display in Tivoli Park. Onto one of the treetops right next to the festival stage, the projection brings a dynamic interweaving of organic and geometric structures that appear to follow the mysterious algorithms of nature. The project introduces the viewer into the fluid harmony of sequences, patterns, shapes and textures, and faces them with the subtle transformational processes present in nature, so as to encourage them to contemplate on the role of human in the wider ecosystem.

BEAM TEAM (Stella Ivšek, Anja Romih, Črt Trkman) are intermedia artists who have together conceptualised several interactive a/v installations (Portal, Network, Plato’s Bodies), which have been presented at several local and international festivals and exhibitions. STELLA IVŠEK (born in 1987) and ANJA ROMIH (born in 1991) are intermedia artists who, in addition to years of VJ-ing at various art festivals and club events, are active in the fields of sound visualization, animation, editing and stage scenography. ČRT TRKMAN (born in 1987) is a sound designer, sound engineer and producer of electronic music. 

video projections: Beam Team (Stella Ivšek & Anja Romih)

co-production: Pekinpah